A Bitcoin Lightning Music Box Demo

A bitcoin lightning demo for and your Browser using Unity3D and BTCPayServer

This is an art project I was working on recently. I created it to see what you can archive already with lightning payment solutions. It uses the UnityPaySDK by Indiesquare (GitHub).

Bitcoin Lightning is an instant payment solution. If you want to learn more about lightning take a look here. This downloadable demo is aimed for people who already have a running lightning wallet. If you are new to lightning and you want to get your hands dirty, it is easier than you might think.

Just follow step 1) below.

The demo for Windows and Mac runs on Bitcoin lightning mainnet. So it will cost a little bit of money – all the money collected with this is going straight to new projects. If you like the demo please feel to leave a message.

OUT OF ORDER due to time… 🙂

Getting started is quite easy:


You will need a a bitcoin lightning wallet. You can find already a few wallets for Android, iOS or Windows / Mac or Linux.

For Android I can highly recommend Eclair Wallet (tested)
For iOS there is ZAP Lightning for iOS Zap for iOS (not tested)
For Windows, Mac or Linux can recommend Zap Desktop
(windows tested)


It’s working on Windows and on the Web (new):

directly in your browser
(mobile is not supported by wegbl right now, but works kind of)

Run the app and it should start.
Should be self explaining.
Once the App is running, you can restart at any time by pressing 3 on the number pad. Or ESC to exit.
If you are facing any problems- please let me know!

I will try to help you.

You can find me on twitter @quitebeyondvr.

This is an experimental project. So please be wise and don’t put too much money on the channels, at least for now!
not available right now….

I would be glad if you connect to my node 035ef1c0ef3c3273820abeb6136a3c79736d7af4e1cb8783410eb022b5a46390a3@

If you are facing any problems- please let me know!

I will try to help you.

You can find me on twitter @quitebeyondvr.

Special thanks to all the big brains out there who make this all possible. unity3d, blender foundation, btcpayserver.org, indiesquare, zap lightning, satoshi and many more.

Thank you!